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Manual Handling

One of the leading causes of workplace injuries this range is growing fast.
We all tend to take our backs for granted - until we slip a disk or pinch a nerve and these are designed to keep staff conscious of their manual handling techniques whenever they're lifting. Great in warehouses or area's where a lot of lifting is required.

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Featuring Precious McKenzie MBE, weightlifter and back injury prevention consultant, the posters below were developed to detail his unique lifting techniques which he teaches to staff in a wide variety of vocations. These posters have also been endorsed by the New Zealand Safety Council.

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Requiring both a CONCIOUS and a
PHYSICAL effort,
moving an object
from one location to another incorrectly places unnecessary stress on backs, hips, shoulders & knees. Using techniques taught by Precious...

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...McKenzie, these stresses can be reduced to the absolute minimum.
Use these posters to
reinforce correct manual handling techniques ~ making these activities easier, SAFER and more enjoyable!

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